Site Search Quit Working

I’ve been using the site search bric for a long time and really like it. It’s on several of my websites. But, after uploading a revised version of one of my sites, it quit. Nothing happens when typing SEO names. This is the site:
I am not using the Exclude Page bric.

I also updated another site and site search works just fine:

Any ideas on what could have happened?

Just update to the latest version of Site Search and try again for some magic. :magic_wand:

You’re using version V1.

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Thanks, but I don’t see a way to upgrade site search. When I check for Blocs updates, everything is current, or maybe just seems to be.

I checked the Extensions Manager and found that I am using v 2.0 with no updates available.

Your page shows differently.

It should show:

OK, thanks Jerry. I went to the Cazoobi site and got v 2.0 and installed it. But it still does not work. Maybe there is a maximum number of pages that it will search? It works on my sites that are not as large, such as

I suggest you read the docs and if the answer to your question is not in there contact the developer.

Thanks for your help on this.