Site Search V2

We just released a brand new version of our popular Site Search Bric. This new version no longer uses jQuery and is vanilla Javascript, which means it’s less a burden on page load speed.

The search feature now also includes page descriptions in the search results when exported with Blocs V5.1.4 (which is in beta).

This brand new version is free to all who own version one. You can install the update using the Blocs Extension Manager, or redownload the latest version via Paddle.

We also put the docs online for this Bric you can read those here.


That’s quite awesome and the importance of this can’t be underestimated :star_struck:
Great job, @Norm !


Wonderful, I just updated it, and it works well on almost all pages. Now, it recognizes pages with “inicio/blog/” in them. Just a small issue: when you’re on a URL with “index/blog/tema”, the search function doesn’t work. You can see an example here.

Apart from that, it continues to be a fantastic daily-use add-on. It’s amazing!

Did you export with Blocs 5.1.4 beta 2? That’s a fix that’s within the main app.

Yes, I downloaded the beta version, updated the bric, in fact, I removed the bric and added it again, and then exported it. As I mentioned, if you’re on the homepage, it finds any page, and that works perfectly. However, on a page “index/blog/topic,” it doesn’t work there. I don’t know why, but it’s a great add-on that I frequently use on several sites. It’s fantastic, great job.

These pages, they have 2 versions of the Search Bric site-search.js file in the page attachments.

There was also a fix in this version of Blocs (5.1.4) which fixes this duplication issue, but it won’t repair previous duplicates.

If the search field is in the global header, remove the Bric, then open project settings and look for site-search.js files in project attachments and remove them, you will likely see x2.

Now add the search Bric again.

If the search is not in this area and you have one on each page repeat the above but remove the site-search.js from page settings attachments instead.

It’s also worth noting the JS on these pages for site-search is V1, it should be V2. Take a look here.

In fact I’ve checked and even the home page is using the old Jquery search code.


Incredible! I just followed the instructions, and now it has improved. It now works perfectly on all pages. Great job! 1000/1000.


Good to hear.

Hi Norm! After updating to V2 this happens: After publishing the search field shows results as expected - but when I click on one result, the page isn’t found … for example if the page is Lysistrata it looks for and can´t find anything … Help really appreciated … I´m on a MacBook Pro (M1 Max), Sonoma 14.2. running Blocs V5.1.5

Looks like site search V1 javascript is still being loaded, you can see here.

After updating to V2 of the Bric, which steps did you take in your website? Did you get the update Bric window?

Also when you uploaded to your server did you take care to include the latest version of the site-search.js?

I would do the following to test.

• Export your site locally.

• Open the site-search.js file in a text editor, which can be found in the JS folder inside the exported site folder.

• Is site-search.js showing // Blocs Search v2.0 on the first line?

Thanks for your quick answer! I tested as recommended: the site-search.js-file shows Blocs Search V1.0 …

I updated via the “Erweiterungen” (Extensions)- Menu …
I published as usually within the app after updating: I selected “Changes only”

After publishing “Full Site” everything´s fine … Thanx again, Norm!