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Has anyone used Sitelok ? ( which can be used with Blocs.

if so any comments would be welcomed.



As an ex Freeway user I used Sitelok many times and it is a really good solution for password protected pages etc. I have not yet used it in Blocs but can’t see any reason it would not work. I suggest you contact Adrian who is always very helpful and ask his advice.


I’ve literally just had it installed on a server for a client by the developer, but not had time to go any further with it. All I can tell you is that the developer is very helpful and on paper it looks pretty powerful. I believe Adrian is actually on holiday at the moment, so replies may be slower than usual.

Blocs gives you all the required entry points to use Sitelok with Blocs generated sites. I’ve spoken briefly with Adrian and I do believe he was in the process of creating an instruction manual on how to use Sitelok with Blocs sites.

If anyone knows Adrian, why not invite him over to the Blocs forum to help explain his product in more detail. I’m sure other Blocs users would be interested.

I have to drop him a note soon about the integration process, so I’ll extend the offer to come here. There is a Blocs manual, but he explained yesterday that it’s a bit out of date because he has since updated Sitelok to include an code generator within the admin area that can then be dropped onto the page. I’m very hazy on the precise details though.

The main manual is 180+ pages and he advised that I shouldn’t get too bogged down with all of that since I only need some basic features.

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Thank you all for your comments - much appreciated.


I’ve just dropped a note to Adrian suggesting he can offer some insight here about the functions of Sitelok. I believe he is on holiday but I imagine he’ll contribute something at some stage.

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Well, I think this is the instruction manual you are talking about.

That’s the basic Blocs one that is now out of date apparently. The full manual covering all the features comes with the general download and covers 183 pages.


I am the developer of Sitelok and glad to answer any questions you may have. For general support its quickest to contact me directly via

Sitelok allows you to create pages on your site that are accessible to members only, requiring them to login. You can allow users to register themselves (with or without admin approval) or charge for access using Paypal or Stripe. Many other features and plugins allow you to do a lot more than just securing pages too.

As Norm mentioned Blocs allows you to easily add snippets where needed for Sitelok and other scripts and really makes Blocs a great basis for web apps. The ‘Using Sitelok with Blocs’ manual explains the basics of securing pages and adding registration forms to your pages. I will be updating it a little over the coming weeks for the newly released Sitelok V5.5 but its still valid.

The first few sections of the main Sitelok manual provide an overview of how Sitelok works and how to use the control panel dashboard. Its mostly a reference and has become quite large to cover all the features that have been added so you don’t need to read it all so don’t get scared!



Thank you very much Adrian .

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