Sitemap from Blocs for Google Search Console

I am using Blocs to develop my site and have exported the sitemap as a .xml file, but I’m not sure why the Google Search Console asks that it be added at the end of a URL, i.e.: http://[insert_website_name_here].com/________________

How do I take the .xml I was able to export and satisfy the Search Console? Is there a setting in Blocs to achieve this?

Thank you!

Hi! I’ve got the same issue…
haven’t find the solution yet :frowning:

I tried http://[insert_website_name_here].com/sitemap.xml
not sure if it’s the right thing to do

I’m not sure I understand the difficulty. In Google webmaster tools I just go to the sitemap section where it lists my chosen url, before typing sitemap.xml. I test it to make sure it’s fine then submit the same url.

Closing the loop here…

I got the following responses from the Google Webmaster Central forum:

“Upload it to the root directory of your site using an FTP client or maybe via your web admin console.”


“Save it as a text program as sitemap.xml and ftp it to http://[insert_website_name_here].com/sitemap.xml. Then in search console submit the URL. You can also add the URL to your robots.txt if you have one.”

Seems this is more of a website admin issue than something Blocs should address.

I think the whole point is that Blocs automatically exports a sitemap to a local folder, along with all the other site elements. When using an FTP client like Yummy it ought to upload everything from the chosen folder, including the sitemap. Does your local export folder include a sitemap?

I would actually like an option to either turn off the sitemap or have it extended to include images and PDF files etc. Options for the robots.txt file would also be helpful.


I think @Flashman it´s a great idea to have the option to switch it on/off on the export panel.
Why? For example: In some work one might use several projects within one website - due to the fact having a variaty of folders (www.domain/
Sitemap is only importantant to the landing page (www.domain.index.html) - so it would be great to switch off the sitemap generator for the others.

My ponit of view

I typically use Integrity Plus for sitemaps, because it includes options like PDF and images etc, which all give a boost to SEO and I tend to think Blocs currently needs some work on SEO in various areas.

Yes I agree it would be good if we could simply switch off the sitemap in Blocs. At present I guess the only option would be to manually remove it from the export folder before uploading. You could then create one using a third party tool with more options if needed.

This screenshot shows some of the options available with Integrity Plus.