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If I use an app like Scrutiny to create an xml sitemap it first goes to the home page and crawls through other pages, however any page without a direct internal link is missed and this happens with Google as well. In other words standalone pages without an incoming link from somewhere on the site are lost. This is common if they are not in the global menu or footer.

I know Blocs will export a XML sitemap, but we almost need a feature that will create a webpage with a sitemap or index of contents that can be picked up to ensure that every page is indexed.

This is something I seem to recall was in Freeway at least 10 years ago and I think it was in Dreamweaver of GoLive before that. Yes we could do this manually, but on a large site it is potentially very time consuming and easy to forget a page or two.

All it would require is a feature that exports a list of pages as links to a sitemap page.

Maybe an expansion of the existing system, where you can tick or untick pages you have created to be included from a list and also set priority etc.

Yes that would do the trick, but this is different from the sitemap that gets uploaded to the server as a xml document. This is basically a web page with with the listed pages and each entry is a link to the corresponding pages.

You often see these on more old fashioned sites and less often these days, but I can’t think of a better alternative if you want to ensure that pages have an incoming link from another part of the site that will help them get indexed.

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Gotcha, yeah used to be the thing to have a page of links of “friends” back in the day too.

Unless Norm builds that in, probably an option is for someone to make a Bric that reads the default sitemap XML file and populates a page nice and fancy.

The incoming links from friends wouldn’t work here unless they went direct to those pages, so by far the best option is some kind of link list on the website itself.

The reason I’ve thought of this is that I want to rebuild my site and there will be a lot of standalone pages not listed in the main menu or footer, so I need a means of getting those pages indexed by Google.

At the moment I’ll just find a secluded spot like the FAQ and include a link to this internal sitemap page, so it all links up nicely. It can be built by hand, but some sort of automated process would save a lot of time and reduce the risk of error.

Oh, I was just reminiscing about that not suggest it.

Maybe a modal? Means one link will show many, and google will see them.

It can be added in all sorts of ways. I didn’t want to add a sitemap link to the footer and it just needs some discreet means of ensuring those pages are picked up.

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