Sitemap location?

I was looking at Google search console and it asked to upload a new sitemap file. I don’t know if that means a new page or a page since one does not exist. Looking at the Blocs export file I see the sitemap in the JS folder. So the checkbox for sitemap generation appears to work. I FTP’d the file to the pubic_html folder and the site is working but I do not see the sitemap. It is not in the JS public folder. Instead i see a lot of files that apparently that Blocs generates but no sitemap.

My site is only 7 pages and looking at the files in the public_html I do not see a sitemap.

My only other web site experience is with a product that allowed a 3rd party app to place a sitemap page that we could edit, crawl don’t crawl etc. I could understand that.

Where does Blocs put the generated sitemap?

Thanks in advance.



Make sure you enter the website URL in Project Settings for your site. This way, when you export the site, it will export the sitemap.xml file in the root folder.