Size images for post in wordpress

Hi dear
I build theme for WordPress, how to fix size Images posted recently?

I want code shortcut post time for (date and time)?

There are others who are far better qualified to help with WordPress questions, but I’ve just moved your topic to the WordPress category, because it is more likely to gain attention that way from the right forum users.

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Hi @Anas , this is actually that is handled within WordPress. You can set the image sizes under “Settings” => “Media”.

To fix this you could to this little trick:

  • Make sure Blocs presents the thumbnail in that page
  • Set the thumbnail size to the ideal size for your layout
  • Do make sure to have the option “crop thumbnail to exact dimensions” active.

All images (thumbnails) will now be autocropped by WordPress to fit the exact requested size, giving you a far sleeker layout than with variable image sizes.


Thanks so much

It done :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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