Skala Color Picker

Just a heads up that installing High Sierra seems to block access to the Skala Color picker, which I use all the time. I’ve reinstalled the color picker, but it’s still not showing up.

Is not showing in Blocs or in the colour picker in general?

It’s not showing up in any app. I’ve emailed bjango and I’ll file a report with Apple. I’ve just been informed that it also blocks Hex Color Picker from working properly. It’s looking like the Color Picker in High Sierra is worthless.

Just heard back from the developer of Skala Color and it turns out 3rd party color pickers are being blocked due to a bug in High Sierra. They are releasing version 2.2 soon with a workaround. I’m amazed none of this was picked up on during beta testing.

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I’ve noticed a few UI glitches recently too. Seems the actual OS is still a little off the mark. Just goes to show even when you are the biggest company in the world with rooms full of developers, you still get bugs.

It reminds ‘us’ smaller developers, you don’t suck, this is just part of the creative process.

I rather regret moving to High Sierra at this stage. No doubt they’ll get it right but this has been the worst OS upgrade in almost 20 years of using Macs. It feels like it was rushed out to hit an arbitrary annual deadline instead of waiting the fix some very obvious problems.

I’ve been forced to do a clean install now, which has fixed most things but completely messed up Mail, which now refuses to recognise the old mail data, even though it was already converted for High Sierra.

Im fortunate that I have 2 Macs I use regularly. I always leave my workhorse iMac an OS behind and upgrade my laptop for beta testing etc.

I don’t think it’ll take long to get this addressed.

What is scary about this is, High Sierra is almost a patch update if you don’t upgrade the file system, id doesn’t really introduce much new stuff. I guess its a lot of under the hood imporvements.

Just a guess, but I reckon most of this is related to the new APFS file system, which is obligatory on SSD and when I look in the forums most of the problems seem to be with users who have an SSD drive.

I’m not seeing any big increase in speed that was originally talked about and stability was fine with Sierra, so at this stage it’s only delivered problems. APFS is something they could have worked on quietly in the background and only announced it when ready.

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Skala Color 2.2 is coming out with a fix for the colour picker. In the meanwhile there is a workaround, so you can work with it now

Basically you just move the plugin from your user library to the main one.