Slider hero landing page?

hi there,
i’m moving over from RW to blocs and I had a query about doing a slideshow of images on the landing page with the nav bar?

can figure out the hero bloc with a static image but is it possible to do a slideshow as the background?

thanks in advance!

You could probably use the carousel bloc/bric.

There’s this too


Hi Bourne, will this weaverskingdom swiper work with V3?

Is Blocs not capable of doing this without the aid of a 3rd party App?

Hi @KBConcepts

My 2 cents.

It’s a custom bric not an app which means you could actually do it in Blocs. However, probably time consuming and sometimes giving a little cash to someone who has already done the job may make sense.

@Lucas Is Swiper Blocs 3 compatible ?


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have it more or less figured out using blocs - but also happy to pay (as I’m having nav bar trouble!) for an expert option!

Thanks, I didn’t know it was a custom Bric.

Swiper is compatible with Blocs 3 :grinning:


Hi @Lucas

Thanks for the confirmation.


Has anyone else solved this? I bought Slider yesterday but there is limited control over the text position (center or bottom left) and you cannot include a navigation area. So back to stage 1.

Hey @mbacon navigation can be used on top of Swiper. In fact you can see a navigation blocs on top in every page of the demo.

Here’re instructions (with video):