Slider in a hero

Daft question I fear, but can I add my current slider to a hero element?

Daft answer perhaps, but have you tried?

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Not yet. I had a last minute thought as I was turning in after a particularly long day!

Which slider do you use? I’m sure it’ll work with Swiper 3. Just bought it and it looks great on my current project (still wip…):

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Hi @pumpkin
I’m using a code as advised by @Malachiman. I can’t remember it’s name and I’m away from my MacBook, but I’ll remember it soon! It’s been discussed before as a good free slider option, and works like a dream.
It’s at the top of my homepage;

I’ve always struggled with Swiper before, so it’s been a wasted purchase up to now.
How’s v3 working out? I see the thread in the forum and it’s mad me a bit hesitant up to now.

I guess your site is under development; the footer links aren’t active on my iPhone.
Not a criticism, just a polite comment.

That’s the name!!
I’m getting old and forgetful :exploding_head:

It is indeed. That’s why it’s on a dev(elop) subdomain :wink:

After updating to the most recent version of Swiper 3 it works like a charm. Can absolutely recommend. If you already purchased it, give it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, you can still stick to your solution.

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