Slow Loading Website

I wonder what makes my website load so slow
Almost on any browser. Is there anything(s) I’m doing wrong?

Another strange thing, it loads partially then goes to the loading icon and then load completely.

Hi @hkiyany,

I would suggest going through and optimising some of those images, one I looked at was over 2mb. Of course these days that doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you have 10 images that size it creates a massive site. That would make a huge difference straight away. My load time shows about 10 seconds on a 1Gb fibre connection. (obviously lots of things effect that, like server etc).

The issue with the preloader is not uncommon, partly why I never use them. It could be related to lazy loading maybe?

There is also a pile of errors showing.

Thanks, @Malachiman so I should disable lazy loading?
Create way smaller images sized?
But errors are strange! It’s all seems to be video. my videos are loading inline over homepage and they all work just fine. so what these errors mean?

Experiment. Browsers are moving towards handling this anyway. Chrome does at least.

You can optimise these as well. There is a web optimise option in Handbrake which works well

A quick test showed a 30% saving on the video size, and there was no visible difference IMO.

Are you running the latest version of Blocs? I think Norm did something with the pre-loader recently?

Some others here might have some suggestions too.

Thanks mate. I disable lazy loading and loads faster for me.

Videos are optimized but will re run on handbrake again.

What’s this mean? How I can find about this errors?

Yes, Im running on the latest Blocs. Check the link again if any better for you.

Im still getting the preloader, but that’s probably because of my location (New Zealand), I will check it again soon.

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There is an error for particles.js

I assume you were using this bric at some stage?

Yah I but I don’t any more. I can’t see if anywhere.

Check the page settings for attachments that haven’t been removed properly.

Looks like this its… particles-setup.js

So home page setting window didn’t have such attainment
same thing on the project attachment menu.

Its showing up on the page though


Looks like the issue with particles.js was fixed in the latest stable update.

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I assume that is home page. since I’m not coder I’m afraid I won’t know where to find and remove it.
any tips?
Thanks again for your help.

If I am understanding it right, when you removed the particles bric, it left behind the script and the reference on the page, even though in Blocs it was showing as already removed.

You can’t fix it yourself, but the latest version of Blocs is supposed to have been fixed for it.

I will export after new update and will share link here i you can re check would be great help.
Thanks again.