Slowdown Scroll speed

Hi out there! Id like to slow down scroll speed for generell mouse scrolling and anchor links / scroll to target because i got some parallax effects with grafix on my site who wont be seen by default scroll speed.

Any hints for me ?
Thanx and best regards,

Scrolling speed by default browsers controls(mouse, touchscreen, scroll bars or keyboard) is not something that a site can control. Users wouldn’t want it, so browsers don’t allow it.
As for scrolling to a target that’s controlled by JavaScript built into Bootstrap and Blocs.
From a users experience perspective, I would think that most users would not want to wait for any “effect” to happen in order to navigate through your page.

OK let my sk in other way…
it is possible to implement own javascripts into my page - not in the exportet html code rather als an individual piece of code in my project ?