Smart text (and image) columns in Blocs

Is there a function which allows the use of text in columns in Blocs, where…
a) the text can be edited in the actual columns (and not in some tiny editing box on the side, which an app I’m checking out now offers)
b) the user can change fonts (bold/italics etc) not by entering any code, but by click on buttons or using the standard Mac key commands
c) the user easily can insert one or more images in each of the columns
d) it’s easy to convert parts of the text into a hyperlink without entering any code?

Also, are there any smart overflow solutions for splitting a text over several pages, where each (responsive) page has for instance 2 or 3 columns? If not, texts that are for instance three pages long will be hard to read, because each column would have the height of three pages - with all the scrolling up and down that implies.

Thanks in advance.

I take that as a no. :slight_smile: But is there any way to deal with large chunks of text, like articles than spans over one or several pages?
Is there a way to paste in text in one columns and have it automatically spread over two or three columns?

Hello @NowHere, as of what I know this is not possible, you have to split the text yourself over multiple columns.

The rest is possible im blocs

Thanks for your reply. If that’s correct, Blocs isn’t really usable for sites with full pages of text, because they’re hard to read if there’s only one column if that columns is too wide, and I don’t think anyone really want to deal with the extra work of manually moving text from one column to another. Doing that manually would mean that every time you edit a paragraph (eg by adding or removing a few words), the balance between the existing columns would be disturbed and had to ne dealt with manually.

Web sites are not good for pages and pages of text and this is not a Blocs thing - it’s a web design and HTML layout thing You shouldn’t really have more than a paragraph in a paragraph “container”. The current day requirement to make sites usable on narrow mobiles makes large amounts of text difficult to deal with. You could consider creating large text PDF files and just link to them.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to avoid having in depth articles (reviews, scientific stuff or anything else than maybe may be 1-2 pages long or more) on internet just because we also use phones to go to internet, and there’s no problem reading eg. a 2 page article on internet with responsive columns. I already have a solution which shows three columns on a PC, two columns on a tablet, and one column on a phone, but I’m interested in using Blocs as well.