Smooth Scroll Between Blocs

While I know you can scroll using links. Is there a way to smoothly scroll between each bloc section. I want to use multiple full screen blocs, and have a little bit of information on each one. I know that scrolling a lot can be a bit tiresome, and am looking for away to more efficiently help the viewer. Probably with some kind of easing feature. Any suggestions? Thanks!

That was simple enough. Thanks! Anyway to customize speed? Color, etc?

Haven’t even tried it myself, but I think it’ pretty much what you see is what you get unless it’s something that a custom class could help with. Things like color you can do with custom classes.

I doubt that scroll speed is changeable with a class, but I really haven’t examined Norms’ offering at all. I was working on this when it released so I quickly switched my attention to ease the pain. :grin: