Snap Scroll - 3 sections only & hamburger

Hi all,

I am out at the moment so sorry for not being able to test or try till later - but is it possible to have Snap Scroll for 3 sections of a home page and then the rest of the page like a standard website?

Also instead of the section on the left hand side - my client would like a hamburger menu still ?

I will try later when I am back in - but just seeing if anyone has done what I am I thinking about.

Or maybe build the site as and get the full screen sections to snap scroll….hmmmm

Thanks all !

Using the snap scroll bric, probably not, as I assume it’s using the .bloc class for the child elements. This is where the blocs structure sucks a little, we should be using sections.

Using CSS, yes you can do it yourself. :smile:

And it’s vague what you mean by hamburger menu.

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Yeah I think they just want 2 or 3 sections of the home page to scroll to the other section/bloc when swiping. I’m pushing them not too!
We will see! :joy:

Does “Snap Scroll” respond to “bloc IDs”? If so, is it possible to set an “ID” that it will ignore?

IDs are unique. Something like that is best handled by a class, where you can have multiples. Up to Norm to add more flexible options to the bric.