So happy from a live stream last night ! - My Story

Hi gang,

Just want to share my story here if this is ok and how i’m using Blocs to spark a light in what I do.

I hope this kind of thing is allowed in General Discussion section, but after a great live stream last night - i felt like i want to share this.

This year Covid-19 has totally damaged my event business and my unit is rammed full of AV equipment for large scale events and no room to create a live studio - I have had a terrible year of seeing my business collapse as our UK government have more or less ignored the events sector (its still hanging, and its leaving us broke) Seeing many of my friends event business’s collapse and also being a friend on the phone to talk them away from ending their lives has been very hard. This year for the first time ever, I have suffered mentally with large bouts of depression and my wife and kids and have helped me massively since I opened up to them, believe me - its an easy thing to hide on the outside while the inside is crumbling.

Well - where im used to running high profile events from blue chip companies to celebrity studded events, i needed something to keep me sane and sitting on my mac all day and night fighting for government support I then decided to go back to what i used to do many many years ago - and that was basic (yes basic! im a simple guy!) websites. I had Blocs, as moved from Rapidweaver as fed up with the constant costs and slow build times on my own sites and was recommended from @Flashman to give it a go (thank you) - ill be honest ! its been a hard learning curve and im only just 10% into it like you experts are!

Well i started doing some small demo websites to friends to get a feel of a workflow and joined with some event friends in the business building streaming websites for awards and charity nights. Again - I didn’t charge much and still won’t for now as I want to get a workflow, understanding and enjoyment.

I have spoke to @Eldar via email in the year and he has been such a massive help with websites and off websites (thank you my friend) and buying his full courses recently has proven a valuable asset and I recommend anyone who has not bought them - to get them!!!

Also thanks @Norm for Blocs ! and wish you a successful launch to Blocs 4. A huge thanks to everyone, so many to name…but this forum is a great platform for us all. Thank you.

Recently i have seen some of my blocs projects come to life on some live streams and last night I did a charity landing page which ran last night to a huge audience…doing this website is not just a website to me…its been key to help me go forward. Last night this charity raised a lot of money and if anyone is interested in seeing it - I can send out privately if anyone is interested.

Its only a basic site - and I have been asked to not publicly send it on forums or social media from myself, but I am ok to privately share it…PLEASE NOTE on the live stream, there is a 15 min pre-roll, so you will need to forward that for the start. I can privately send you.

I think it’s hit me from this live event last night that this site did some great in a world which is pretty low at the moment for many…and i’m proud to say using Blocs help me achieve this.

Thats my story ! - sorry if its not about a latest plugin etc !


Hi Adrian, my friend!

Thanks for sharing your story! We don’t get too many of these here.

You already know that, but once again, if you ever need any help with anything, Blocs or not, I (and I am sure all members of our wonderful community) are always here to help you.



Thank you Eldar,

I really appreciate this - thank you. Same here, for you or anyone.


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As Eldar said thank you for sharing. I’m really glad you posted this and I am extremely prayerful that you have family around to help you mentally and emotionally. While our circumstances are not the same, we share some of the same truths my friend. You are not alone, check your DM.


Thanks for sharing your story @AdieJAM. I’m glad you have people around you to help and support you.

I’m also immensely proud to see members of the Blocs community reaching out to one another and offering help.

I wish you every success going forward :pray:


@Whittfield thank you for your kind words here and in DM - i’m so so grateful for this - means so much to me. Thank you.

Thank you too @Norm means a lot - and you know what, even though i’m a novice in this and trying my best in a hard time, last nights event - i said to myself, i want to share this on the forum as I believe this has helped me massively getting through 2020.

Thanks again Norm - its a great community.


@AdieJAM Thank you for sharing your story. I think everyone has been effected by Covid. We all deal with it differently, and talking about it can make a difference.

For me, I’ve also had up and downs but ultimately I look to my faith for guidance. You can get so wrapped up with Covid news that you can forget God has a plan for each of us.

I’ve never seen a forum like this, there are so many great people willing to help. Blocs changed me also. I’ve been using it from the first release and it’s also helped me give back. I work with non-profits in my area and feel grateful that I can give them a professional looking website that many could not afford. I do have paid clients but my clients relationship is far more important than the work. I’m also retired, but it enjoy giving back.

I also have a talked a lot with Eldar and some other Blocs users. All have been helpful and again I’m grateful to call them friends.

If you really think about why Blocs is successful it has to start with @norm. He sets tone with a positive example. Norm is an honest hard working family man that cares about people. We are lucky, you see this less and less in today’s world.

Let’s pray for a great 2021!


Hi @casey1823 thanks for your message. I totally agree, its been such a devastating year for so many of us and your message about client relationships is more important than the work is spot on and forum members support etc.

It’s a great forum. I am a peoples person and agree that @Norm and @Helen play a massive part in what we love…they love…we all benefit and enjoy.

2021 - yeah! lets pray its a great start for a better future for us all. Keep safe