Social media share buttons?


Hi peeps,

Wondering if anyone has got any social media share buttons working on a blocs site?

I’m trying out the AddThis buttons ( with a code they provide pasted inside a html widget bric in blocs.
I have managed to get the expanding buttons to appear but not the inline buttons that could be attached underneath each post (in a blog for example)

Page can be viewed here -
Any help on this would be great!


Add this say to put it before the closing body tag which you do in Page settings, here;


to show inline buttons create a custom class called addthis_inline_share_toolbox and apply it to the bric you want the button to appear in


Thanks simon, will give this a go!


Got it working! I must of missed something on the website, I didn’t use the custom class but there was 2 codes one for the page’s body section and another to go in a html widget where you want it to appear. Nice and simple in the end. Many thanks for your help Simon