Solis help

Hello, I purchased Solis today to go with Blocs. Forgive my ignorance, but what preferences should I set in Solis to make it work properly with Blocs? So far I haven’t gotten it to do anything. Thanks!

Switch on canvas broadcasting in the blocs prefs.

Similar problem. After I switched on canvas broadcasting in the blocs prefs, only the “index.html” will be shown in Solis. It’s not possible to view another page from my project. Something else to adjust? What blocs version is necessary for Solis?

You need to switch pages in Blocs to see the page in Solis. This may be something I build out over time, but right now it outputs the page you are currently working on.

I just posted a little Solis+Blocs set up knowledge base post, you can read it here.

That’s the problem. It doesn’t switch the view in Solis, even if I switch pages in Blocs. If I first start Solis and open a Blocs project from the Solis start dialog, it shows only the “index.html”. If I first start Blocs, switch to a specific page and start Solis from the toolbar icon in Blocs, I can see the specific page in Solis, but after switching pages in Blocs again, the view in Solis will not be updated. I’m using Blocs version 2.4.5 (you know why). Is it only working with the latest version of blocs?

Oh yeah you’ll need to use 2.5.2 thats a bug that has since been fixed in the newer versions.