Solis Website - Blocs Project File

So obviously the Solis website was built in Blocs. I thought it would be cool to share the final project with the community as it might help others. The entire site was pretty much all built within Blocs with the exception of a few tweaks made after export (those mainly being the addition of some custom data attributes to open the modal and to connect the Paddle buy buttons, which incidentally you will be able to add within Blocs in V3).

Anyway here you go :sunglasses:

Solis (4.5 MB)


Nice site…
this will make no difference though…
meta name=“keywords” content=“mac,app,live,previewing,SCSS,LESS,HTML,CSS,responsive,web,design”

Only Title and Description
It’s Ideal just code wise that Title has the Description tag immediately below like this. Spelling “Favourite” as “Favorite” for US Spelling

title Solis For Mac - A Live Design Output that integrates seamlessly with your favourite code editor for true live code previewing.</title
meta name=“description” content=“Solis is a Live Design Output that integrates seamlessly with your favourite code editor to deliver real time, multi viewport previewing of HTML, CSS, SASS and LESS as you write it.”

No H1 tag …a H2 and a P tag are used.

Simple but can make a slight difference. It all adds up. Buying today. Will it have Landscape soon? Or did I miss that.

(I guess some of the code I pasted does not show up here for obvious reasons)

Hi Norm, thank you very much for sharing the Solis project file. It’s definitely worth to lool at it closer . . .
Keep on your precious work! Halleluja. Regards, Juerg (from Switzerland)


HI Norm Thanks so much I have one question though what do you use for the screen recording?

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I use Claquette

Great thanks again Norm

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Bargain-basement screen capture (all or part, eg a window) is build into Quicktime Player these days. Just choose New screen recording on the File menu; it will ask you at the appropriate moment what you actually want to record.


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Norm thanks for sharing your Solis website files it is very helpful for me a newbie/non programmer. I have a couple of questions after looking at the site’ construction.

  1. My understanding was elements placed in the header and footer are replicated on all pages of the site. This is not the case with your Thanks Page. It is clearly different / custom? The menu items (buy and trial) on Home and Blocs pages are missing on Thanks page. So it seems this is a customer page.
  2. I also understood that the blue bar separates the global content from headers and footers. The thanks page does not contain any blue bars.
  3. Some where in the past I read that SEO considers H1 tags of highest importance vs H2, H3…
    Yet you use H2 tags at the top of Home and Blocs pages. ??

Thanks in advance.

  1. Just switched off the global areas for that page, it can be done in page settings.
  2. :roll_eyes:
  3. Yeah I missed that, I will probably update that now actually…

That’s very impressive @Norm but be honest, you’ve used Blocs before right? :rofl:


:joy: you got me! I may have dabbled a little.

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It seems having problems on my machine i belive… since apparently anyone is having this…
any hint?Screen Shot 1