[Solved] About Wordpress Live Data and Blocs Developer Plugin


I assume that we can do some changes on blocs on the computer and those changes in real-time can appear on our WordPress website.

I have an issue regarding this situation. I have been checking any knowledge or information that can help me to understand how to do it. I just installed Blocs Developer Plugin on WordPress and nothing happened. However, there is I could say no information on how to do it, how to connect from the blocs to WordPress (this is also confusing because I do export WordPress theme and upload with an FTP on WordPress itself) or set-up this feature.

I would be so grateful if anybody could explain to me how to do this.

Thank you.

If you have not already done so, the video tutorials should help you with this. Here is the playlist and I think episode 2 is the one you want for this particular point.

I personally do very little with WordPress, but the general idea here is to create a compatible theme in Blocs with the basic look, then export that to your WordPress project and build the majority of content changes from there. The preview is mainly useful while developing the theme.


I solved the issue with this videos. Thank you.

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