[Solved] Any suggestions for a different contact us form?


I’m moving over from an old website to Blocs. The last page (and isn’t it always the last last page), is a contact us form.

We currently use a WuFoo embedded form which has a JavaScript in. We can see that the Blocs HTML container sasy not to use JavaScript, so we haven’t used that. We don’t want to use PHP as thats another level of complexity to our server.

So does anybody have a nice and simple contact us form that they can recommend?



I just use the blocs form.

The problem with the Blocs form is that it requires PHP at the back end. We’re trying hard to avoid that. We are trying to keep our server away from PHP as it adds another level of complexity and its a lot of effort for a single form on a single page.

In the end we found formspree https://formspree.io/ which allows us to do what we need.

I can suggest you online service called JotForm. Here is JotForm’s web form I’ve created from the scratch and used on my page:

Link to the page

JotForm has a free plan that I use and its more than enough for me. No php needed.

Thanks for the share rwillett, what an awesome service!

Not sure if this is really an alternative, but I found this this week and you/others might see some value in implementing it on their Blocs site.

Basically you use(send form submission to) https://parser.zapier.com, it then enables you to select the information in the email and use it in a zapier zap (http://zapier.com). For example send email and name details to MailChimp.

@blocs-user, @Bertus_Schoeman

Thanks for the replies. We’ll look at those and see if they are any better than FormSpree.io. We tried FormSpree and it works well.

The reason for not wanting PHP is we don’t want the hassle of yet another program to manage on our servers. Its a lot of effort for a single form that can be handled by a simpler external service.


Does jotform use other code than javascript? I just noticed Blocs said not to use javascript.