[Solved] Assets are not Showing in Blocs 3.3 and Blocs 3.4 Beta on Catalina

I’m on a MacBook Pro Late 2013 running macOS Catalina Public Beta. Recently both Blocs 3.3.0 and 3.4.0 Beta stopped showing assets in the Design mode and showing nothing but White in Preview Mode. Everything shows up normally when previewing the project in a Browser or Exporting it. Is anyone else having this issue? This is happening in all of my projects for both Apps

Btw, This project and all assets are saved on iCloud Drive

Same here on Catalina DEV Beta7.
No assets in design area nor in the asset manager.
Blocs 3.3.1 WP and 3.4 Beta3.
But, the funny thing is they’re all showing in Blocs preview and with browser preview.
I store images local in the image folder of the project.

I created a new project with 3.3.1 and imported 2 images.
They were imported in the asset manager but no picture is seen.
But again you see them in preview. Blocs preview and Browser.

What MacOS build is this?

Do images added via your Local HD show? I’ve read Catalina has all kinds of sync issues with iCloud.

The reason they don’t show in app is because it’s displayed using the WKwebview component, different from the browser and preview.

It’ll probably be some permission issue. I’m starting work on Catalina next week. I’ve held off extra long due to stability issues I’ve read about.

Can you check, do built in images load? Does the icon manager show icons? I have a feeling it’s probably another security layer that’s been added.

Id probably also recommend downloading and re-installing Blocs if you updated the OS after you installed Blocs. I may be some kind of random quarantine issue.

No icons.

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I installed Catalina Beta7 on August 28th.
Blocs 3.4 Beta3 this morning.
So this should be OK.

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Ok, I’m installing now so hopefully will have a more info soon.

Do the built in images show when applied to the design canvas?

Yes they do.
They also show up in the asset manager.

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Ok thanks, I think I know what is up.

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Update all patched and ready for build 4 :sunglasses:


Hi Norm, that fix was quick. Does it mean that today or in a couple of days Beta Build 4 will be released? Can you confirm it? Thanks in advance!

Yes, I’m on the latest Catalina Beta too.

I’ll get it out tomorrow :muscle:


… and I’ll test it :wink:


I’m getting this issue on the beta. The preview seems fine but I can’t see the build properly.
You can see on the screenshot that it’s just the text on the page rather than images. And the Asset Manager is missing the thumbnails.!
I’m on Sierra.

What directory is the beta being run from?

I’m running it from the downloads folder.

Try running it from the applications folder.

That sorted it. Many thanks :+1:

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