[SOLVED] Blocs 2.3 interface icons bug

Just installed trial version, but it runs with icons artefacts:

System version: 10.10.2 (14C109)

Does my OS X version supported?

As you’re using Yosemite, it should.
But you also should update your system to the newest version of Yosemite.
I think it’s 10.10.5.

Thanks for reply.
Bcs change list of 10.10.5 does not contains serious fixes or improvements, so did not updated.

I’ve never seen this before. How zip you unzip the trial?

try using the native Mac unarchiver, Ive seen issues created when folks use 3rd party apps to unzip the app after download.

Hi Norm…

Wouldn’t it be better to distribute the app as a dmg file? You could not only add a little branding, but the built-in checksumming would minimize file corruption issues.

Sure it does:

10.10.5 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.

In general added “Security” alone would be worth the update, I would advise updating.

You will also have all the previous 10.10.3 & 10.10.4 updates rolled into that. Apple does not specifically address what security issues they patch most times, so you would be better served updating to 10.10.5 from 10.10.2 and having all those benefits and underlying issues addressed in doing so.

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Update to 10.10.5 resolved a problem.
Thanks to All for supporting.

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