[Solved] Change color of a word


I’m looking for a way to edit the color of one word in a text bloc.
I would normally achieve that using a span tag :<span class='orange'>word</span>
However in the text editor, there is no control allowing me to change the color.

What should I do ? I’d rather avoid using an HTML, as it would imply manually formatting the rest of the text.

Thanks for your help

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Span is here in your text tools:

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Thanks Simon !

you’re a life saver ! And fast as lightning !
(my graphic designer didn’t update Bloc although I adviced her to do so, so I didn’t see this control … T_T)

Great, I have been searching how to do that for a while. Thanks.

Just to make sure I understand the idea correctly. You take part of the text, span it and use a class to define different properties, e.g. cool, which is really easy to do.
Or is there any other option or way to apply span?

Exactly. Easy is the word.

As for other options, I would let more experienced users in, here.

Btw, I wish I could span in the navigation ‘company’ box, (type A).
Would have been a lot easier to align the menu with the header.
I guess what I need is a block having a Header and a Menu, in navigation group.
update-Found a way: Start with a navigation block, add a header above the unwanted ‘Company’ field and then remove it.