SOLVED: Form-control field - This is required

Does anyone know how to change the ‘warning message’ - This is required - in the form section.
I need to change it to another language - Thank-you in advance.

Hi Tony

Select the field and type the new message in the sidebar.


Thank-you Eldar. OMG. I think it is time to take a break.

Another question: My customer wants the fields required but without a warning message popping under both. When I leave it blank it automatically shows ‘This is required’.

How can I turn this off ? Anyone know ?


The only way without editing the form code would be to disable the alert box using CSS. Eg. Adding ‘display:none;’ to the class. I would target the form ID so it doesn’t effect anything else you might want on your site.

I’m on a mobile device at present so can’t look up the exact class. But from memory it’s ‘alert-warning’

Great idea. Thank-you. I will give this a try.