SOLVED October CMS export

This is my first time on the forum, but i have been using Blocs for a number of years.

I’m pretty sure i have solved the October CMS export problem, where the site would not show once the theme has been activated. I have tried it on two simple and one more complex sites and it has worked each time.

It appears to be really simple.

The default.htm layout file does not include closing script tags.

This can be edited directly in the October CMS backend. Go to CMS, then Layouts on the left, then select default.htm to edit.


The after screenshot follows.

Hopefully the image above have uploaded correctly. Let me know if this helps, or not. Fingers crossed.

(PS, this is with all export options unticked, just incase that makes any difference).



This was meant to say, closing script tags at the end of each line. See the after screenshot i have posted.

(the html/script tag seems to have been removed in my original post)

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Thanks for that @James you saved me a few hours there!

This may help a few, so I’d add a comment regarding the export options and as to fix the dreaded ‘PAGE NOT FOUND’ error as noted by @kraukliz upon export the boxes that need to be unticked are:

  • Minify HTML
  • Cache bust CSS and JS

Also maybe these 2 issues might be worth notifying the developer @Norm for a fix in a future release?

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I got this issue today, wondered why the drop down menus were not working. The scripts had no closing tags. I submitted a bug report @Norm. Seems to have been a few issues with OctoberCMS exports recently. I also noticed that one of the script lines was still using the burst cache, even though it was unselected throughout the project build.

I’m still getting the “Page not found” message; even after adjusting the export settings. In the October CMS settings; I can see a preview of my front page when I select the theme, but when I click on pages (in admin field) there are none. Any further ideas on how to get this to work? @James @kraukliz