[SOLVED] October integration not loading

I’ve installed October CMS onto my server and have built a blog in the admin section. I wanted to start building out the front end of the website with Blocs and have followed the video tutorial and upon uploading the files and the theme(which activated) --I get a blank screen (or loading spinner, if I have lazy loading on) I’ve made sure that the appropriate export options are checked and unchecked. If I use a different theme I can see the content. Any pointers here on what the conflict may be? Do I need to have a blank October project first? Thanks!!

I had issues with the Preloader, so never use it.

If you want me to check your exported Theme I am more than happy to. I use October a lot.

Thanks, sent you a PM.

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Solved. Scripts were not closed. </script>

@Norm this could be an export issue for OctoberCMS.

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Thanks for looking into this and solving it! @Malachiman

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@emcee. my pleasure. You may want to submit a bug report to Norm, he gets tagged in so many posts, I doubt he looks at all of them.