[Solved] Previewing Wordpress data in Blocs app

Hey all! First and foremost, I’m having a good time with Blocs so far, great app! :+1:t2:

Unfortunately, I am one of those that gets the error message when trying to preview WP data in the Blocs app.

I have configured the URL in Blocs, and you can verify that my website indeed works and WP is there when navigating to the URL. I also have the Blocs plugin installed in my WP website.

How does the Blocs app access the data? Is there no username/password needed? Is there any “dark” setting I should check on my server? Maybe the name of my DB is non WP-standard?

Any pointer would be really appreciated, thanks!

It uses the standard WP rest API. Do you have a plug-in running that would disable it or change its url?

Thanks! That gave me a great hint on where to look. I found this error on the WP admin panel, under Tools > Site Health, saying that “the authorisation header is missing” and that without it, some apps couldn’t connect to the site.

I clicked on that “Flush permalinks”, and now the Blocs app is able to retrieve data.

I’m spelling all things out in the hope it will help someone in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks, Norm!


I’ll get this added to the knowledge base.

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