Something like a shop but it isn't

anyone have a Idea for something like this:
I need something like a shop, for example Ecwid … But I don´t need the option to buy the products. Because the store only want to sell in the local shop. But the user can watch on the homepage if the products are there and the cost of the product.

So no online pay and shipping is needed… But the option tp place products on the page…description …color option …search option …filters and so on …

So, something like Ecwid shop but without shop :slight_smile:
hope you understand, sorry for my English … hard to explain :slight_smile:

Have you checked the documentation of Ecwid? A lot of e-commerce solutions allow product catalogues.

Actually I had a quick look because I was interested for my own purposes…

But a very quick search gives you the answer Tom :smile:

Hi @Malachiman
yeah …something like this. :+1:
I search for the correct words … product catalog ! cool, thanks

There are no templates or blocs or Brics with a shop we can buy?


You can easily add Ecwid to a blocs site.

It takes one code bric and a copy and paste of the code they give you.

The widget handles everything within that page from products and payment.

It’s very easy.

Great. Will test and try it @Malachiman

Are there any examples of blocs made website with a shop?

I use the ecwid platform, it is very easy to configure and integrate to blocsapp

look who

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Thanks @nelo. Can’t find a webshop on your site. On my iPhone and iMac the links don’t work.

Try this page of Nelo’s:

Thanks @TrevReav that page works