Space between blocs

the space between blocs at the centre line to too wide and cannot move up close to the upper bloc or down to the next lower bloc… any way to fix this

You can set that space in bloc appearance.

You can also use none and just apply custom css with paddings to a bloc.

See img.


Give your bloc or bric a custom class. Remove padding from appearance settings and adjust your custom class to what ever you desire.

I see your comments but i do not see what you show here. I have visibility, Appearance with a square blue button and following downward i have in this order… Columns, Margin, Gutters and Colour. I see no way to show Padding ‘Dropdown’ and 'Width. or Divider. Where I am having the most trouble is having a 3" space between bloc sets which is being rejected by my clients as it destroys the look of the layout.

I have tried classes to move the blocs closer together but there seems to be a definite line between the bloc. I can sometimes see a perforated line between the upper and lower blocs set. Can you tell me the solution to this because it looks like I would have to give up on blocs if it can only look like this. I would send a screener but I don’t know how…


It sounds like you are not selecting the actual parent Bloc, but instead an inner Row, etc.

If needed trying selecting the parent “Bloc” using the Breadcrumb Navigator. Then set it’s Bloc Padding via the Appearance in the Sidebar, or using the Right Click contextual menu for the Bloc Padding.