Spell checking in text input areas

Hey there,

can we please have spell checking enabled in the various text input areas, most notably the paragraph? I am no native speaker and having those red squiggly lines under certain words goes a long way to help me not to embarrass me on my public webpages.

Thank you

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I second that.

I believe is very important to have correctly spelled websites and can’t understand how this has not been implemented as of yet.

Because it is a web layout tool and not a text editor. One can say “Why stop at spell checking, I want search and replace, grammar checking, case conversion, and a dozen other power word processing features”, but frankly… since I can do all of that in a text editor and paste it into to Blocs, I’d much rather see development spent on expanding the capabilities related to creating web sites instead of processing text.


Well, it does allow you to edit text much like a text editor and this text should be spelled properly. Are you suggesting that I copy & paste all text into pretty much any other text input area to have it spell checked?

Ideally, yes. For two reasons:

1.) I don’t think it is reasonable to expect all the features of a dedicated text editor in an app such as Blocs. Editing text in the dedicated editor of your choice will provide many features such as seeing non-printing characters, applying case changes, expanding abbreviations for frequently used snippets, search and replace, key shortcuts, markup tools, comparison tools, and much more.

2.) As with any text designed for the web, style runs that may be applied to text on the scrap, as well as non-printing chars embedded in some text encodings might create havoc when pasted into a web layout tool. The best way to avoid this is to paste text from other sources into a text editor before inputting it to Blocs. This is especially important when a client emails you copy.

I compose the text of my sites solely in a text editor. It is simply easier and faster, especially for large sites. It also makes it easier to update text as I can do a search and replace if I need to change all occurrences of “KMS” to “KMS, Inc.”, and in an instant know exactly what pages in blocs to paste the changes into. Like the graphics used, these are source documents for the site. We don’t edit graphics in Blocs, and I have the same mindset for text. It is simply a matter of choosing the best tool for the job at hand. A good text editor is just so much more responsive and intuitive.


And I applaud your dedication to work around the deficiencies of blocsapp. I prefer to have spell checking as with virtually any other text input area on my platform and spend the time I saved on more productive things than switching applications and copy&paste text.

Hello, I am about half way through my first Blocs website and would very much like a spell checker! I have come over from Adobe Muse and am missing a few things but Blocs is a much better way to work.

It would be really nice to have a seplling checker. (sic)