Standing desks for work

Like many others no doubt, I find there are times when I spend far too many hours sat at the desk, especially when there is a busy work schedule. In the past I used to get a lot of backache, though this eased when I started doing more exercise and fitted a back support cushion in the chair.

I was wondering if anybody here uses a standing desk and how you find it compared to sitting for web and other work. Does it effect your productivity or creativity? Any other differences?

I am very aware it’s not a good idea to be sat down for many hours every day, even if you do manage some regular exercise, so I would be interested to know if others have tried a standing desk.

It looks like you can also buy units that sit flat on the desk, then raised as required with different levels. This would save on space in the office area, rather than going for a completely separate freestanding office desk.

Have you checked out adjustable electric standing desks? Those seem to be very popular with content creators.

As you know @Flashman I’ve developed a chronic tailbone issue that’s effected my work capacity. I’m 100% behind adjusting our seated work life.

I have used one of those on desk solutions in the past and I found it bulky and took up too much room. I’m exploring better options at the moment and will be trying out a wobble stool and eventually when I can find a desk I like a electric standing desk.

I’ve tried so many chairs, I think the ideal solution will vary for each person. But I’ve used a standing desk before in an office and it was great.

Yes I have looked at a couple and know somebody with one. My office space is a relatively small converted spare bedroom, so I’d either have to lose the existing table or remove something else out like a large chest of drawers in the corner.

In terms of chairs I have actually done quite well with a gamers chair. They may look a bit silly, however they offer a lot more flexibility than the average office chair without having to spend a fortune and this one has held up quite well with no signs of wear & tear so far.


I wished I had invested in a high end chair a long time ago. Well worth the money in the long run.

No doubt gamer chairs are designed for long periods of sitting :rofl:

The gaming chairs have adjustable heights on the arm rests, head rests, back angle adjustment, and in my case, space to add a lumbar support pad that really helps with the back.

On top of that I have the ergonomic mouse and gel wrist pads in front of the keyboard and mouse. None of this means it is a good idea to be sat in front of a computer for 15 hours a day. It’s just reducing some of the potential stress injuries.

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I highly recommend height-adjustable desk. I had back problems for years, but not since I got my desk.

When I get tired of sitting, I stand up, when I get tired of standing, I sit down. As a result, I don’t have any back paid anymore.

I do have an ‘ok’ office chair with supportive back cushion, got it from IKEA, but I heard that premium chairs are also worth it.

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We just bought this an hour ago"-adjustable-height-desk.product.100664030.html

Love how quiet it is. Just lightly touch the arrows or H!, H2 or H3 and it rises and lowers.


We have our first Costco opening in New Zealand later this year.

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Also IKEA has moving desks available:


IKEA prices our outrageous!

To be fair, their more experience desks are really high end and built for constant office use - and I actually think they are very reasonably priced.

They do have cheaper ones…but then people will complain there not built to last.


Here’s another solution:

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Hi Flashman, This is my set-up. It’s a Vonhaus adjustable desktop that simply sits on top of my desk. They are easy to manipulate and cheap enough to try without losing much if you dislike them.

I would recommend standing for only one hour in every three, otherwise you could exacerbate your back problems. My desktop came with a squishy footpad that I would really recommend. I got mine because sciatica was setting in (pain from mid thigh into buttock) and it was bl**dy painful. Varying my position seems to have solved it.

One thing you do need to watch is that all the wires are long enough for the desk in standing position. Also be careful you don’t trap any wires/wineglasses as you put it down.

The backache used to be pretty bad a few years ago, but fortunately not really a problem now.

In my case, I have times when I work very long days in front of the computer and during busy spells that can last weeks, working 7 days a week without a break. It’s just not healthy spending 15+ hours a day sat down in front of a computer and will eventually catch up with us, even if you are doing well in other areas of your life like eating and sleeping well.

I have read that even exercising an hour a day is not enough to offset the negative effects of prolonged sitting. We are supposed to get up every 20 minutes or something and walk around, but in practice that doesn’t happen when you have a bunch of sites to work on and emails to write.

I have a retired neighbour aged 75, who was a solicitor. He is in an awful state of health with heart issues, diabetes, kidney stones, sciatica and more, so he can barely move. He was never very active and recently he told me don’t sit down too much…

I bought a Herman Miller Aeron years ago off ebay, a fantastic chair.

I also have a standing desk, a Varidesk. The chair is about 15 years old (to me) now so cost me about £20 a year. Considering the time I spend on it, that is a bargain. The desk is great, holding MBP and Thunderbolt display, but I don’t use it as much as I should because the whole area is very untidy, cables and disks everywhere :laughing:

Really hard to achieve that. But I highly recommend developing good habits of taking breaks, unlike what I have done. I can’t sit more than 2 hours these days, getting up after even 1 hour is difficult and painful.

Just veering off slightly.
I got an Apple Watch for Christmas, and although I don’t use half of what it can do, I have the standing up setting turned in to remind me to have a little wander around the room every 60 minutes or however long it is. I find it really useful just to straighten up. Or set an alarm on your phone.
I particularly like the health app which lets me know how many steps and calories it’s taken me to get to the fridge for my next pork pie!

I would also like a standing desk, so following this with interest.

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For what it’s worth. The 4 Best Standing Desks in 2022 | Reviews by Wirecutter
These folks do some thorough vetting but alas, they do have their kickback scheme in place as well. At least they tell you upfront. Nothings cheap unfortunately.