Static background image possible?

Hi all,
are static backgrounds image possible in Blocs? If so, how would I implement them?

What version of Blocs are you using? Just asking as the forum says it’s been 2 years since you last posted.

@Malachiman fair enough, I’m using the latest version of Blocs, 4.5.2…

Do you mean a background image for the whole website?

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@wolfganghofer - Thanks, but I should’ve named the thread, “Stationary background image…” I want the background not to move with the page content while scrolling…

This Blocs Byte video will show you how .


Hey Norm, thanks! - but the video doesn’t show how to make the background image stationery; is that possible?

Something like this you’re looking for?

Kapture 2022-09-20 at 09.57.08

@Jerry yes, exactly!

Set a Bloc to fullscreen add an image and custom class. On the background tab set ‘repeat’ to: no repeat and ‘attachment’ to: fixed. Et voila. :innocent:


@Jerry Thanks Jerry, works well!

Just be aware that background attached fixed doesn’t work on iOS. The image will take on the length of the html which will make it look zoomed in and horrible.

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