Sticky Alert (Updated)


Hi Everyone,

OK, v1.1.0 of StickyAlert has launched !

There are a lot of great additions available now: panel width adjustment, text alignment, a new Agree button, button border radius adjustment, close icon control, popup background controls & visitor tracking options on the agree button & close icons. There’s also additional FAQ’s and a new extended video explaining how to use everything.

This is by far, my most popular bric, with the download count hitting 270 today! Thank you for your interest. This new version is absolutely loaded w/ features & really should be a paid bric.

So, I want you to stop and ask yourself, do you want more fully customized feature brics like this in the future? If so, then take a look in the upper-right corner of my free brics pages, there’s a blue donate button & of course I do offer reCAPTCHA, which is the first of hopefully more paid brics.

Thanks & keep building w/ Blocs



hi bill,

just downloaded the brick and am playing around with all the prefs you have implemented. damn, that is really good. great work. I managed to change / tweak almost everything accept the [AGREE] button. is that possible? I tried to change it with the classes you have included, but couldn’t change the color and styling of that button.

nevertheless as said, well done. I promise to donate :v: if I use it on my site (and will send you the link to show off :joy:).

best, michael


Hi @michaelokraj

I assume you want to change the agree button color to something other that the link/hvr color for the other buttons. Sure, use the class: .stickyalert-agree a in the class manager. Set the ‘T’ color for both the normal & :hover states (in upper rt pulldown) On styling, I guess you are talking about the borders, there’s controls for radius and color of those. You could use your own css w/ that same class & apply important to your styling, to say override the border styling sticky-alert does.



thx bill. – i tried that before but obviously i forgot to keep the in the class name intact – my fault. it works perfectly :wink: thank you!!