Sticky button

I’m completely redoing my website made with Blocs 4 with Blocs 5, and I’m encountering a lot of little problems.
For example, on my current V4 website ( there is a fixed button at the bottom of the page that I really want and that is placed in a bloc.
After opening my project in V5, this fixed button does not appear anymore or sometimes on certain pages when I switch to Preview mode. Same thing if I preview in Safari. Moreover, when it appears, it is no longer centred at the bottom of the page, but moved to the right.
If I put this bloc containing this fixed button in the Bloc library in order to put it in my new project, I get the same problem.
Any ideas?
@Norm Is this a bug?

The reservation button? Shows in the middle bottom for me, each page I looked at.

EDIT: Sorry, I re-read your post and I assume it’s not live at the moment.

You have a typo in the stye though… minWidth should be min-width. Also no reason for this css to be on the page, when the class editor has all these styles as of Blocs 4. I would probably just re-build this button on your site.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 1.10.33 PM