Sticky header and floating images

Hi everyone, new boy here and slowly finding my way around. I’ve done searches but unable to find exactly what I was after.
If you have a look at the link:
and scroll down, you’ll see that it has a sticky header - so that’s my first question, how to achieve that.
The second would be how to ‘float’ something (like the logo) so it can always stay in view and overlap the underlying page - in this example constructed in Muse, the logo is on a different layer (z-index?) and wondering if there’s anything similar in Blocs.

Hi @TrevReav

  1. Click the header and choose on the side panel “sticky”
    And set a color for the header. If you don’t do that the header is transparent


  2. Click the logo and set a class (for example logo )

  3. Open the class manager and add a class called
    navbar-brand img
    Click “no, leaves space intact” !

And then set a minus margin ( for example - 30 )

  1. Add a code in the page settings:

the code have the same name what you set in the logo class ( logo )
So the logo stays at the top


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Thanks Tom2 - I can’t believe I missed that checkbox!

And thanks for the rest of the info, I’ll be trying that as the week progresses, but all seems to make sense for a non-coder.

Almost finished my first Blocs site, so learning as I go along.

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