Sticky menu fade in

I have a sticky menu that pops up as you scroll… (by placing it in the footer)

is there a way I can make the menu fade in rather than appear abruptly as it currently does…

@robcrouch5 Put in the top global area, the Hero bloc, and make it sticky, then your menu will fade in when you scroll.

@robcrouch5 another tip Rob, try to make your pictures smaller in size, the are very heavy and it makes your site loads slow, I just tested with one picture of you, slide-2.jpg is is now 1,2 Mb
Drop this picture in and download it again from them, after that its only 246 kb, thats 79 percent smaller so 79 percent faster :smiley: good luck Sandy


Thanks for both the tips sandy. I will try both

yes that worked a treat, only problem is my menu is now black… how can i style it? the normal menu i had is grey so not sure why its changed it. appears grey in blocs.

thanks for the tips

@robcrouch5, i believe you have a picture ( the big tasty burger) as background image, so simply give the background the color you want, this will not effect the picture but the background of the menu when you scroll down you menu wil be that color.

perfect, that worked a treat… do you have any idea how to style the balcround of the mobile menu once its expanded (before scroll) as its transparent and hard to read until you scroll.

Thanks again for your tips, the image compression is a massive help!