Sticky Navbar Class not working

Hi, I did use the class .sticky-nav .sticky to design the navbar. It doesn’t work now. The background stays in white color. Any ideas?

hey @Norm do you have a solution for me?

what you want to do ? Without scrolling the nav bar is white ? And when scrolling the nav bar for example is red ?

for example:



the image could not be loaded ?!


without scrolling:

with scrolling:

hey thanks. I can’t change the color. In this case the navbar should be sticky and transparent.

now I think I see the problem …
use the class


without the space between “nav .sticky”

or is there no space ? And it only looks like this ?

I did use this.

The sticky navbar stills in white color :frowning:

I can’t see the image … don’t know why. And when you click the block you have delete the color in the inspector … ?

do you use a hero nav ?
than you have to create a new color and set the opacity to zero …

inside the inspector

yes I use a hero. I did it. change the color to red. but it doesn’t change.

this is the result

sorry … I can’t see the images … do you see the image ?
I set a hero … go to the inspector and set the color white and put the opacity to zero … not in the sticky class …
and when I scroll the nav is transparent

ok… now it works. is this new? in my other projects I did change the color with the class for sticky nav. now I have to change the color in inspector for the hero? :roll_eyes:
So I don’t use sticky-nav.sticky in the future.

I don know if this is new … I think the problem is that when you want to do change the color for the sticky nav for example to red the whole hero section change the color … :thinking:

but not important … now it works :smile: have a nice day

great :slight_smile: thanks. you make my day :wink: