Sticky navigation Logo and colour change


Brand new user to Blocsapp and really warming to it. I currently have a single page website with navigation at the top. Now I know how to get the navigation to stick to the site as I scroll down however I have an issue with the menu that follows you down as its white and need to change the colour swell as the logo (screenshot attached). A step by step guide would be really appreciated

Many thanks

Hi Stokerjohn…

Also new here to Blocs (xMuser) and I was working on the same today.
What I did was clicked into the bloc - which is indicated by the x in the blue box top left exactly what your screenshot shows. I then created a class and then opened the class editor. I went to the style tab (paint brush icon) and changed the background colour - in my case it was black with 70% opacity.

By doing the above the navigation block panel that follows me down the page was changed to the colour and opacity I wanted.

I hope this helps and good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Greenskin

Many thanks for the help, weirdly I just right clicked and was able to edit colour also. The only sticking point now is how to change the logo on the nav bar that appears on scroll

Thanks again

Hi Stokerjohn…

I just had another look to see how, but I’m sorry I’m out of suggestions this time!
From what I can make out there is no option to change the logo for something else on the nav bar that appears on scroll - maybe a future update.

So what are you trying to change your logo to on scroll?
Isn’t your logo working on the scroll down nav bar colour you have selected for it?