Sticky scroll with hype embed

Hey folks.
I need help. I integrated hype document with hype extension. That hype document has sticky scroll. I created class that named page-container with sticky position and initial overflow and integrated with related bloc. But it doesn’t work.

Please help. Thanks. (233.2 KB)

I usually set the .page-container to overflow: unset!important, when using position sticky in blocs.

The forum thread you posted on here, has a working example once you adjust the overflow.

But it seems they have manually added the code afterwards perhaps?, as they have stripped out the “bloc div section” by the looks of it. Making the Hype markup a direct child of .page-container

You might need to wait for @mexmet to advise here. (assuming its the same person)


Add the following to your page.

	<script type="text/javascript" src="ScrollThroughScenesSticky.hyperesources/HypeStickyScroll.js"></script>

And not as a hype embed in Blocsapp, (236.2 KB)

With the code widget, place the code in the html after hype export.

Thank you @mexmet . I did it :+1: