Still having problems applying background images and inserting images

Here’s the problem. When I’m working on the class and putting a background image on I click the background box on the css class and then click the image I want and it does not apply always to the class but instead applies somewhere else maybe the header, footer or maybe even another css class entirely.

Same thing happens to image placeholders.

So with every Blocs update I always test this feature first and the problem remains, so I make sure my project file is saved before apply images to css classes or image place holders and hope for the best with each click of the mouse, and sometimes auto save clicks in and saves the project with the image wrong place and Command Z does not remove it, and I have to go digging for it to remove it, or go to an archive version and see if can be salvaged there.

What can I do about this problem?


This window focus issue has long existed. I thought Norm had addressed it last year though :thinking:

You can drag the image to the image well in the class editor. That always works.