Stop a video when folding an accordion...Ideas?

Hello there !
I have almost finished my portfolio with blocs, very happy with this first website.
I have a last thing I want to fix : AutoStop a video when folding an accordion.
My website is composed of imbricated accordions, with videos inside, and during the navigation, the AutoStop/Fold action would definitely add smoothness to the navigation.
Obviously, I don’t code. Any idea/action/custom attributes to solve this ?

The website is already online :

Thanks !

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Pretty sure you could do this using the collapse as an event trigger to reset the video.

See the bottom of this page.

There is a thread here doing the same thing with Modals when closed, the concept is the same.

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Hi @Malachiman
Seems sweet, I´ll test that in a few days when I’ll get back at the office,
Thanks !