Structure outliner for better navigation

Some kind of structure tree would be nice for easier selection of object and rearangement, something like this:


It was discussed previously, @norm commented and is aware of it, see his last sentence in his post there.

Looks like it was almost 2 years ago …a complete as possible one page future road map would be a good start. I know there are many people waiting to jump in or not with Blocs.

Given that he mentions Blocs 3 in the link provided above and its not far away, what is you point?

As for public roadmaps, some developers do while many others choose not to. Rarely do many that do stick to them or meet the proposed release version/date (developers will understand this). So for this reason alone many choose not to do so for this very reason, smaller development teams especially.

Its ready. stay tuned.



I’m referring to the link…where it was discussed.
Most successful companies “do” publish roadmaps … or general future plans …
Many things have been mentioned on the forum as “in the works for release in Blocs 3”…It would be more informative to list at least some if these in one place so we don’t keep bringing up the same wish list bugs and other things over and over.

Adobe is/was notorious for stating what was in the works or bugs that were going to be addressed in the next release. They didn’t give those bugs identifiers all the time so they went missing and didn’t get fixed…even after a year or more. I just suggested it. That’s my point.

Thanks Norm for the more civil response…:v:
I see that you sort of did a very short list…I was looking for a similar but more extensive list.

Well @norm in fact used to provide a public road map in earlier versions of Blocs, but as a small developer he later choose that it was too dynamic and fluid to display publicly as Blocs advanced quickly. I am sure he is still very organized (which I see you now edited out of your post) privately regarding what he is working towards accomplishing with his efforts.

Having known of this, all I was trying to relay to you above was this simple fact. Yet you felt doing so was uncivil? He still at times mentions nuggets regarding features that will appear in the future throughout the forum.

@HMM, Out of curiosity — do you have anything much good to say about Blocs? I humbly and civilly ask as It seems most your posts focus on negatives, diminishing its features and capabilities or finding fault in the general app?

That’s what forums are for…seems like you are just trolling though.
Forums invite criticism, comments and ideas of what someone might be questioning or wanting…criticisms are healthy. Not everyone is going to agree.
That said…
There are lots of really nice things about Blocs…
Beautiful interface…you can get basic websites built fast and easy unless you need something specific.
Simple functionality to get work done…sometimes anyway. The class thing isn’t too hard if you have a basic understanding of how it works.
The Loads fast, previews fast. The code is pretty good.
But lots of others have a,ready stated these things…so I post questions nd critisms be they agreed with or not.

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Another thing you might want to consider regarding a definitive public road map:

Aside from the difficult dynamic nature and fluidity for small teams adhering to it. Is that smaller indie developers, such as Blocs and those in the same product space are not the same as larger scale development teams and companies. Which means leaving them more susceptible to competition and other upstart apps.

One of the things they need to do is have competitive advantage to be and remain viable, with features that standout amid the product space they are competing in. By advertising features via a public roadmap that offers competition the ability to easily adapt and keep pace with the competition.

Sometimes such development is frustrating for users patience, but I think its advantageous and smart for @norm to proceed with the approach he is working under.

Sure, but criticism like comments can be delivered in various ways. I am glad you in fact like Blocs. We all at times get impatient and seek additional features, but sometimes we all just need to be more positive with our approaches and patient in our desires. Of course likewise with written mediums many intentions can be misconstrued or taken out of context, which happens often on forums.

I am sure @norm reads all suggestions, comments and criticism, as he above everyone else wants Blocs to be the best it can be, rest assured. :–)


More info coming mid October :+1:

Criticism is very welcome here, IMO its essential, if we want Blocs to become the best it can be.

What you will also find here are community members who have been on this journey of development with Blocs for the past few years, so they are have a better understanding of the development process and I guess have trust in me and our little company to take the app forward.


That’s good news to me. Thanks for the professional and kind response.:v:


@Norm, does “more info” = Blocs 3.0? :slight_smile: