Structured data

Would be great to have the possibility of easily adding structured data Code to the website.


I think so too.
What would be at the top of your list for this?

If you are using the Volt CMS blog, you’ll get that automatically for each post.


I would like to have structured data for:
-Local Business
-Review snippet


I’m actually developing an add-on that does just that, but I’m not quite ready to release. I’m guessing I’m still 1 or 2 months out.


Is this for general Blocs usage or aimed at WordPress?

This would be for Blocs in general, not targeted specifically at WordPress (but you could use it for WordPress themes in Blocs Plus if you’d like)

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OK that sounds interesting. There is a stack plugin for Rapidweaver called Seo Helper that I used in the past, which was very effective.

Blocs has a lot of that covered now with the social cards and robot indexing, but adding structured data in a simple manner has always been the big one that is still missing in Blocs. There are so many categories that it’s not easy.

The first one I’m currently developing (to get the base functionality right) is the local business one. But I’ll even need to build several variants depending on the subcategories to get everything just right. So this will in the end result in a bunch of custom Brics.

Take a look at Seo Helper if you have a chance. I only have the old version, which came free with Foundation and it is now paid add-on with more features. I have actually used it to generate structured data then copy pasted it from the page to use in Blocs, but this is all a bit of a pain.

Local business is going to be the category of interest for most users, though I have also used it in areas like book reviews. It’s incredibly flexible as I am sure you know and definitely helps with search ranking.

It does. I’ll look into SEO Helper, thx for the tip. Can I ping you when ready for a beta-test? (if interested of course)

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Sure, no problem.

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@brechtryckaert Are you still planning to release this?

Structured data is semantic library. it’s a great to understand that what this page is about ?

There are 2 ways to add structured data in our web page

HTML tags

@Flashman I somehow missed your mention entirely. Yes, still working on this but gravely underestimated my timings (I want to make the release a good one, not a quick and dirty hacked solution).

In the implementation I’m working on, I’m using the json-ld implementation as I want the added blocs only to add “invisible code”, not visual output on the page that might intervene with the layout or cause duplicate info on the page. However, getting it to work decently is hard and also requires nearly a bloc per schema type to get it absolutely right. I’m still at least to 2 to 3 months away from completing the first set of blocs for this :frowning: As I said, gravely underestimated the work on this.

Any progress? :slight_smile:

I think this has proven a step too far in terms of the challenge, not least because there are so many parameters with strict rules that would make this an eye watering challenge. Personally I use ChatGPT, then validate the code online.

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Same reason I decided not to continue making a bric for it, way to many options, and the difficulty with working within the API we have.

The rules keep changing as well. For example, certain objects that were once valid become deprecated over time, such as professional service for example.

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Yep. Deprecation isn’t fast though.