Stumped about Josefin Sans and recent weight change

Recently the weight of this font has changed drastically site wide at

This is what it looked like before (and how it previews in Blocs (V key):

This is how it looks now in browser (live or preview):

The change in weight is everywhere and I am hard pressed to explain why.

@Norm Am I correct in assuming the font has been updated on Google’s end? And if so, how do I get things rendering correctly in Blocs again?

What browser do you preview in? It could be how the browser renders it. Try previewing in Firefox and safari side by side, are they the same?

I have previewed the site in both Safari and Chrome… and the live site in Safari and Chrome desktop, Safari mobile on an old iPod Touch, and Android Chrome on Nexus 7, Moto X, Nexus 6P and the font weight is the same on all of them.

The only place the pages render as it used to be before all this changed yesterday or so is Blocs preview (V key).

Just for grins and giggles… have you tried making a page using this font and previewed it in a browser or uploaded it live some place to test?

I visited the Google Fonts site and now see all of these variants which are not available in Blocs.

I’ll take a look. You can install more google fonts via the font manager. Not sure which weights are pre-installed.

The fact live sites have changed makes me think it’s a change on googles end.

Ok… just wanted to make sure installing a font with the same family name as one preinstalled won’t be an issue.

Just remove it before if it causes issues.

Site is now completely hosed after installing the new fonts. Selecting Josefin Sans for ‘All’ in site settings does not display the font, and checking the font settings for any individual element now displays:

Don’t have a clue what “SF UI Text Regular” is.

Have no idea where to go from here. I am uninstalling the new fonts and restoring the Blocs file from a backup. Where in my backup can I find the original preinstalled “Josefin Sans” that I deleted?

How strange! When you installed the webfont via font manager did it preview correctly in the little box?

By the way SF UI is the Apple typeface used by the OS.


Does your code fall back to that if it gets confused?

What file do I need to restore to get the original Josefin Sans back into the font manager? I found “fonts.dat” in app support… assuming that is it?

How strange! When you try a new project and apply the font does that work?

My guess is It must have somthing to do with the specific version of the font Blocs has pre installed.

To get the default font options back in Blocs, navigate to Application Support/Blocs 2/data/ and rename the file (don’t delete it as we may need it).

Now when you start up Blocs it should re-generate a fresh copy of again for you. If it doesn’t I’ll email you the file.

Sorry for the trouble :flushed:

I restored the fonts.dat file from a backup and things are back as they were before installing the various weight Josefin Sans fonts.

But I can’t use that font in that weight for the site (ugh) so I am swapping it out for Lato 300.

I may have another shot at installing those fonts again and testing with a new project once I finish up the Lato changes.

BTW… I am less than thrilled at the fact that Google can redesign a font being used and totally hose the typography site-wide with no notice!

So please consider this a feature request to allow the mapping of local fonts (ttf, otf) uploaded to the server within Blocs. Should be doable if you can allow import of them into the new asset manager where it would output that font in the export, provide a reference to them in the font popups of the UI (both in the sidebar and the site settings), and woof up the link and style entries in the same way you do now with Google fonts.

BTW, I seem to remember seeing links to every font used on the site in each page, regardless of whether or not it was used on “that” page. Am I right about this?

If so, might it be better to only include links to fonts on the pages that actually use them? I supposed this stuff is cached so not required again, but in the event that a user only visits one page on your site regularly that only uses one font, seems silly to link to every font on your site for that page.

Sorry to ask: which font manager?

No idea how many times I saw this.
Thanks Norm.

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I’ve seen this in other situations. You need to insert a specific font weight tag that overrides the default style.

That is the first thing I tried when I saw it, but it does not affect the rendering. Only weights of 900 and 500 show any change in weight. I think there is something hosed in my site file as when I create a new one and use this font, it looks like it did previously.