Style problems with published website

First, I am a beginner and have only created 2 simple websites. My second one however is doing some weird things. When I published it it looks good on my Mac in safari, And Firefox. When I look at it on a pc or a cellphone however it looks weird. I have one large photo on the main screen 3 times. Once in the header, one large picture, and then again in the footer. I turned paralax on each of them so the blocs just look like one picture. In chrome however it looks like 3 different pictures. If I change the screen size then it fixes it but I was hoping people wouldn’t have to do that. If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks.


Parallax effect is not working on mobile devices, so even when you enable it for 3 same pictures and they look like one same image on desktop, on tablet/mobile, you will have just 3 separate images.

If you provide a link, I might suggest what’s the best way to proceed here.


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Have you clicked through the 4 breakpoint views at the top of the screen and adjusted your design to work with each of them?