Styling code snippet buttons

Hi, I’m using Blocs to prototype a web app. I have a page with a series of pairs of buttons that allow a user to choose one of two descriptions about themselves.
I’ve used a code snippet for the buttons so that only one button can active under each heading. However, the buttons are a generic blue color and I’d like to be able to customise their look to match the rest of the app. My meagre coding skills have let down a again and I’d really appreciate some help.
Here’s the page :
A grab

and the page itself
button-example.bloc (101.7 KB)


Why would you use a code snippet for this as it’s a simple, yet styled Bootstrap radio button? :thinking:

Thanks for the reply… That’s a good point, but it seemed to work, I just can’t make it the colors I want. Grey un-clicked, orange on mouseover and dark blue clicked. Really should have learnt to code I guess.

I’m not at my mac, and I can’t recall just how to do it, but you CAN style buttons using classes and no code - I’m sure I’ve done it (that just shows how good my memory is!)