Submit Button not working after setting up SMPT

Submit button on form not working after I set up Post Type Mailserver(Mail Server is correctly setup as far as I know).
I have 2 x forms set up on this page. One the Super-Voice for Business has the SMPT server set up(it does not display the success message) the Other Super-Voice for Education doesn’t have the SMPT setup (it displays the success message), nothing else has change in the setup except the addition of the SMPT details. Apparently the SMPT setup is necessary with the new google security measures. My problem was - emails were not coming through from these forms. Setting up SMPT seems to be the only option. Can anyone suggest something to make these work? here are some Screen shots of my SMPT setup from my cpanel. My blocs form dialogue box, my MAilserver setup and Problems I can see from the developer view. Index of /blocs

I asked ChatGPT for an analysis it said 1. Fix JavaScript Errors

  • Review the JavaScript Errors: The error message Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'query') suggests there is an issue with a script trying to access an undefined property. This can cause the script execution to halt, which might be preventing the form from functioning correctly.

So definitely seems like a bug with blocs app.

Thanks for the response. Gave them a try but no luck so far. Pretty sure its a Blocs bug. Seems to be a script error as per th image attached in blocs link above.

I can’t see that error.

But maybe try and use hyphens in the form ID and not use underscores.

Even though underscores are valid for HTML IDs, Blocs is using these IDs for the PHP file names, which I think can be problematic with underscores. Maybe @Jannis can speak into that? I am not sure.


Oh it does too. Weird.

Ignore what I posted then.

Underscores are fine.

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Good to know. Not sure where I got that idea. I really haven’t done much with PHP since Joomla 2.x days :grimacing:

Thanks Jerry. What do you mean you were unable to replicate? Did you click on the Super-Voice for Business button? And fill in the form? Did it send? My experience is it wont send. When I press submit nothing happens. If I click on Super-Voice for Education button which has no SMPT setup - just uses standard mail. Form shows "Absolutely Splendid! Your message has been sent. If you are getting something different let me know. I am trouble shooting like crazy - 7 days so far with no solutions.

Hi Pete, I removed the underscores and used dashes. Seems to have have made no difference. Thanks for the suggestion. I am willing to try anything somethings going to work. Keep them coming.

Thank you so much for your reply. I have done the double checking.

  1. Check for JavaScript Errors: May well be the problem. Here is the Here is the screen shot PM.png. Obviously a problem. How do I fix this in blocs? I have registered a bug. I am not sure if it is.

All input data is correct and checked. On the page there are 2 options click one for business and it doesn’t work it has SMPT click the other for education and it works - no SMTP - however emails are not forwarding properly I guess due to the new google measures that require SMTP.

I have the forms setup inside a modal. ie to open when a button is clicked.

Just used the Blocs app to make. Form doesn’t work across any of the 4 browsers I tried. Some have no extensions at all.

Hi Simon, Still having this problem. Digging deeper the reply to the user is sent to me but I do not receive the users message input. I set up recaptcha, took the form out of Modal so here is the new one. Contact. If I setup SMTP it doesn’t work, so this one is set up without that. It appears to ent but I receive no client message only the message the client should receive. Any suggestions would be great. I’m using latest Blocs version

Hey @cathy007,

I’m sorry for the confusion, the form on your website is working fine when I tested it.

Based on your bug reports, I think you are misunderstanding the greeting field. This doesn’t send additional messages.

The greeting is how the message you receive from your website starts. For example, you may have a few forms on a website and you might want to be able to identify which form submitted the message, so you would write "This message is from the form on the about page " in the greeting field. This will then be printed at the top of all messages you receive from that form (on the about page).

I’ve noticed this is not properly explained on the Blocs knowledge base form help page so I’ve updated that so it is more clear now.

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