Submit response error,,,Sorry for the inconvenience

Does anyone know why this show up on pressing “Submit” for the built in email form?
I have 3 websites where the built-in eForm (not smtp) are not working, I would like to find out why?

Sorry it seems that our mail server is not responding, Sorry for the inconvenience!

It only tells you it didn’t send.

Have you checked your server logs to see if it’s logged anything helpful.

Hey Pete,
Not sure where to locate those.
Thank for replying.

When one request for help if there is no reply then the request gets push down in the Forum, it seems no help is coming. :frowning:
Is that the case?

Put on the critical thinking cap. Some things to consider….

I mentioned logs further up. Did you investigate that? You can start with your hosts documentation to find them.

Are all 3 sites hosted together? Were the forms working before? What changes have you or your host made? Does your host have php mail turned on?

People get busy, and they volunteer their time to help here, some of us usually get paid to do some of this for their own clients. Some mutual effort goes a long way.

Indeed everyone here is trying to help each other. :slight_smile:

Are you saying I need to contact my hosting service? If so, what do I ask them?

There are many sites that are working using the eform. I will compare their settings. All sites use the same KnownHost. PHP must be turned on, because there are zero issue with sites that are working.

As always, I appreciate your insights.