Subscript/superscript in paragraph text?

Hi, I need to write things with superscript and subscript (like x squared, with the ‘x’ and the ‘2’ lifted), but I don’t know to to do this. Could you help?


Anyone? Norm?

Have you tried to copy and paste from another source? I’ve had some success doing it that way. Bellow the link and a couple of place that I used a ™


Hello @redrinus
Make a new css file and put in this:

vertical-align: super;
vertical-align: sub;

Than add that css file to the page settings.
Select the text you want to sub or super and Wrap in span.
Then select that span and just enter sub or super as class.
See the X2 and X3 in the last screenshot which is how it will look in the browser.


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Hi Casey, I see that you have the tilted TM, but this is (I think) a standard character. Thanks anyway for your help!

Thanks Jakerlund, this works!!!

Of course it would be great if this could be included in Blocs, but for the time being this is in fact a very good solution. Also for other styles that are currently not supported. See image with the “177” tilted :slight_smile:

Cheers! Martin

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